Foreign students


Applicants who are not ordinarily resident in Ukraine are considered to be international.

Тiming for documentation filing

Applicants shall submit all documentation from 12 to 26 July 2018.

Documentation Items for admission of international applicants:

1) A completed Application (in Ukrainian);

2) The original and a copy and notarized translation of the official credentials – an academic certificate confirming the previously acquired education level (qualification) that shall support the candidate’s eligibility for admission;

3) The original and a copy of and notarized translation the official transcript or record of academic achievement in the previously acquired education level (qualification), (if any);

4) In the case of transfer or readmission, an official Academic Transcript issued by a foreign / Ukrainian institution (it shall be added starting from the second year)

5) Applicants for a Master’s degree or a postgraduate education shall additionally submit the original and a copy and notarized translation of the curriculum for the previous degree (level) of higher education, that contains information on the content, received credits, training duration, and learning achievements in the courses;

6) A copy of the valid passport of a foreign resident, or an ID-document certifying the identity of the person without citizenship;

7) A medical insurance, unless otherwise provided by international agreements of Ukraine;

8) Four photos sized 30 x 40 mm;

9) A copy of the certificate of a foreign Ukrainian (if any)


In 2017-2018, the tuition fee for all specialties except for the specialty “Computer Science” is $3,500; for the specialty “Computer Science” it is $6,300.

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